Training | Microblade Mastery & PMU

Learn to Microblade or PMU PROPERLY - to begin the career of your dreams with CONFIDENT skills, COMPREHENSIVE understanding, with supervised hands-on training for your SUCCESS !!!  


               100 Hour Trainings: SPCP compliant        

  Pre-Classroom: 35 hours 

        Classroom: 40 hours

Post Classroom: 25 hours

100 Hour Training is required to receive your Microblade Certificate of Competancy & Completion 


      Classes Fill up FAST !

2 Students Maximum 

5 days, 8 hours daily. No Weekends.


Microblading is growing in popularity. Brows Inktm Academy  limits class size to 1 or 2 students for best instruction which includes:


1 provided, in-class model and 2 student-secured models for the full cycle of 3 initial procedures and 3 touch ups.

NOTE: All student models MUST pay $150.00 for each of their procedures ($300.00 total), with $100. deposit for each procedure.


No other large class size or 2 day microblade beginner classes will provide the coaching and individualized instruction to gain skills and confidence for your success which Brows Inktm and Donna will do.

Decide when you want to train and Call: 978-870-3271. Space is always very limited. 


Class Tuition: $6550.00 includes Student Kit !

$1000.00 deposit holds your in-class seat. Includes the study book: Permanent Cosmetics and my book, Microblade Masterytm Method of Thirdstm your comprehensive training guide, included in your Tuition.


Balance of $5550.00 MUST be paid 2 weeks prior to your Class start date. If your class begins sooner than 2 weeks out, you MUST pay balance in full at time of enrollment.

NOTE:  If you pay by credit card a 3% processing fee will be added. No Exceptions.Please call to make an appointment to come into Brows Inktm Academy, fill out enrollment forms and pay your Tuition Deposit and Student Kit fee. No Exceptions.

NOTE:  If you want to do an Apprenticeship, after your Microblade Masterytm Fundamental training, additional monies (based upon your hours required by city you plan to work in) MUST be paid in full prior to beginning your Microblade class, with contracts filled out. Dates will be assigned to your apprenticeship, therefore No Refund for monies paid. No Exceptions.


Tuition Total: $6550.00 (without Apprenticeship).


 This Refund Policy is based upon the Brows Inktm Academytm 4 day in-classroom trainings.

  1. If you terminate this agreement within five days from paying your Tuition deposit and signing your contracts, you will receive a refund of your paid deposit, $1000.00, provided that you have not commenced the program. Over 5 days NO Refund. Your Termination must be in writing and your signed contracts returned to Brows Ink Academy to receive your deposit in full, within the 5 days of signing. If charged on credit card, no refund of processing fees. No Exceptions.

  2. If you terminate this agreement anytime during the first day of class, you must return your unused, complete Student Kit to Brows Inktm Academy to receive a 50% refund. If any part of the Student Kit is opened, used or missing, you will NOT receive any refund.

  3. If you terminate on the first day of class, you will receive 50% of your paid-in-full tuition: $3225.00. No Exceptions.

  4. If you paid any tuition by credit card and was charged 3% processing fee, the fee will not be refunded. No Exceptions.

  5. If you wish to terminate this agreement, you must inform the school in writing of your termination, which will become effective on the day received by Brows Inktm Academy.

  6. No Refunds if you decide on day 2 to terminate training._______________________________initial.

The school is not obligated to provide any refund if you terminate this agreement after the 1st day of class.


Microblading & Cosmetic Tattoo Academy


Add-on 1 Day Training for Brows Inktm Microblade Students 

     Powder Brow, Color Correction & RemovAll Inktm     

Additional workshop cost: $1150.

​PMU machine included.

(current and former BIA Microblade students only)

Microblade Classes

Tuition for MB Training $6550. 

  • Comprehensive Proprietary Training: Micoblade Masterytm Method of Thirdstm 

  • Pre-Study: 35 hours required online study.

  • 40 hours In-Class Study with Hands-On Practice. 

  • 5, 8 hour Days NO WEEKENDS.

  • Live In-Class 1:1"Hands-On" Model provided by Brows Inktm Academy.

  • Post Classroom 25 hours Coached Training for the 2 Student-Secured "Hands-On" Models.

  • 100 Hour Training for Certificate of Completion, meets requirements.

  • Small Classes for Best Learning for Confidence with Microblading or PMU Modalities.

  • Business & Marketing, Resource List and more !

  • On-going Support (6 months).

  • In-Class Models & Student's Models MODELS pay reduced procedure cost of only $300. for their Initial Procedure & Touch Up. $200. deposit required when signed up as Models. No Exceptions

PMU Fundamental Classes 

Eyeliner, Lip Liner, Powder Brow, Areolas

Tuition for PMU Training is $6950.

  • No Live In-class Models (maybe exceptions).

  • Student Kit cost includes PMU Machine, cartridges, power supply, permanent cosmetic inks, rca cords, and/or battery packs, pmu supplies.

  • 5, 8 hour days - NO WEEKENDS !

  • 100 Hours Completed for Certificate of Completion.

  • 2 Student-Supplied Models for Post Classroom Coached Training.

  • Student's Models must pay reduced procedure cost of only $300. for their Initial Procedure and  Required Touch Up.

  • $200. deposit required when signed up as Models . No Exceptions.

  • Same Rules & Regulations as Microblading (top of page).