Payment Policies

Brows Ink STUDIO Academy 

Brows Ink Mastery Method

provides you with the bestpigments manufactured in USA, sterile, one use tools  for PROTECTED excellence in the creation of your procedures, trainings,continued research & experience. Thoughtfulness of purpose produce your personalized, custom-designed Cosmetic Tattoo & microblading services

Appointment Deposit

We don't offer discounts, unless running a special promotion. We require a non -refundable $100.00 CREDIT

CARD deposit. This holds your Appointment time. NO Refunds unless you follow our 24 Hour Courtesy Cancellation Policy. NO Exceptions. 

24 Hour Courtesy Cancellation Policy

If you change your appointment 24 hours or more before your scheduled, deposited & booked appointment time, your Appointment Deposit will be applied to your re-scheduled 2nd appointment ONLY. You MUST contact BROWS INK STUDI0 ACADEMY at or before 24 hour cancellation deadline. 

If you contact BROWS INK STUDIO ACADEMY even 10 minutes after 24 hour deadline ( 24 hrs 10 min) to cancel your scheduled appointment time and don't re-schedule - your $100.00 Appointment deposit is forfeited. No Exceptions. No Refunds. (Even if you contact & re-schedule months later, you will not be given credit for previous appointment deposit.)

Deposit is not transferrable:

  • If you cancel after 24 hours of your booked appointment & don't reschedule - NO REFUND.

  • If you don't show up or call to cancel before the 24 Hour Courtesy Cancellation Policy deadline, for the 2nd re-scheduled appointment - NO REFUND. AND YOU MAY NOT BE KEPT AS A CLIENT. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • No Exceptions. 

 Consultations & Full Payments

Your BROWS INK STUDIO ACADEMY Appointment deposit of $100.00 is due when appointment is booked, by phone - your deposit is taken by credit card, WITH A 3% SERVICE FEE ADDED. If you want to pay cash, an appointment is needed to make cash deposit payment. Your appointment is not confirmed until deposit received. No Exceptions.

Your balance must be paid-in-full at your procedure appointment. (NOTE: ALL BROWS INK STUDIO ACADEMY services are priced on Book Now page. Your required 1st Touch Up is priced separately from your procedure price. If you pay with a credit card 3% of your total will be added to your procedure and/or Touch Up cost.  EVERY PROCEDURE REQUIRES A TOUCH UP FOR COMPLETED SERVICE.

Again, if you cancel your appointment after the 24 Hour Courtesy Cancellation and chose not to reschedule, you will not receive your $100.00 deposit. And if you charged the $100.00 deposit and with the charged 3% fee, those fees are forfeited as well. No Exceptions.​

Your deposit will be non-refundable if you don't follow the 24 hour rebooking procedure. 24 Hour Courtesy Cancellation Policy. No Exceptions. 

If you decide you don't like your brows, for any reason, there is no refund. No Exceptions.  You need to alert BROWS INK STUDIO ACADEMY immediately after initial procedure (within 24 hours after you left appointment) if you feel this way for a solution and resolution.


Note: Once you're procedure is finished and you leave the studio, NOTHING can be done until 8 weeks when Touch Up is scheduled.  Your brows have been treated with aftercare and are already healing. No Exceptions.

Call for information regarding your personalized service and pricing. We offer the most comprehensive Cosmetic Tattoo experiences for your satisfaction. Our Booking, Deposit & Payment Policies are strictly enforced.



Note:  As of July 1, 2017 All Procedure prices & Touch Ups will be charged a 3% Processing fee - If a charge card is used for payments.