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Understanding Massachusetts

Cosmetic Tattoo REGULATIONS 

NOTE: An Association designation does not mean a practioner or training is better or 'accredited' or 'required' by the state. (This may have been adopted by a City in MA as one of their Rules. Not the state of MA. It is NOT recognized as a criteria for being licensed in MA.


It means a person either paid for membership or took a test then paid to become a member. To become a LICENSED school in Massachusetts is an involved and lengthy process. Brows Ink Studio Academy HAS earned their State of Massachusetts Private Occupational Training School license in June 2019. License #13100394. First Microblading & PMU School in the state to earn their license!


Schools teaching Micropigmentation also known as Microblading, Permanent Makeup (PMU), Cosmetic Tattoo, Scalp Micropigmentation, Medical Micropigmenation ONLY provide a certificate from their school for each specific training program. It is NOT a State License. NOT overseen by the Board of Barbering & Cosmetology. An Aesthetic license is NOT required to train in either Microblading or PMU.

In Massachusetts, each city or town's Board of Health Department determines how much or how little they took from the State's list of Rules and Regulations, which were originally created specifically for Body Art Tattoo. Cosmetic Tattoo was placed under these existing Rules.  

NOTE:  The Boards of Barbering & Cosmetology are NOT the overseers of Microblading or PMU. Only your city or town's Board of Health Dept. is the overseer and issuer of your license once you meet their criteria.

If you want to understand your state specific rules and regulations, search the city's government pages where you want to work and/or open a studio. Then search for Body Art. That's where Cosmetic Tattoo is being placed. Or call your local Board of Health. They are great !


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