Frequently Asked Questions - Answered !

You may have questions not listed. Please call me for any question.  Brows Inktm Baby !

What is Microblading ?

Microblading is a manual form of cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup, created by using a hand tool with very tiny accupuncture needles which imitate eyebrow hair strokes.  Dipping the 'blade' into pigment and then applying 'hair strokes' into your pre-designed, perfectly matched pigment for your personalized Brows Inktm - your BEST choice for Microblading & Permanent Makeup, also known as Cosmetic Tattoo.


Is Microblading considered 'Semi-Permanent' makeup ?

Any semi-permanent makeup procedure is a form of tattooing. Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo done manually as opposed to machine used for eye liner, lips, areolas and scalp procedures. If you are told it's not a tattoo, they are mistaken.  Any procedure that implants pigment into the skin, is a tattoo of some form. The difference between body art tattoo and cosmetic tattoo is body art tattoo needles may go deeper into the dermal layer of skin while cosmetic tattoo also goes into the dermal layer but not as deep. Cosmetic tattoo uses specialty pigments created specifically for use on the delicate skin of the face and breasts, and the pigments Brows Inktm uses are Perma Blend and Li pigments, EU and FDA approved and manufactured in the USA. 


Can Microblading be done on other areas besides eyebrows ?

Microblading can also be done as strokes along hairlines and the crown of the head (top) with strokes that resemble your hair pattern and fills in sparse areas of your hair. Brows Inktm Scalp Secrettm micropigmentation creates the look of hair 'stubble' on balding heads. 


Does Microblading hurt ? Will you numb the procedure area ?

Everyone has different pain tolerance, but with numbing creams applied, you won't feel any pain. The 'velcro' sound of the Microblading needles etching into your skin may sound strange if you've not had Microblading done. First, I pre-numb your eyebrows, after we've collabrated on your brow design. Then I draw your brows for your approval, prior to your first strokes being placed into your skin. Finally I re-numb and pack in more pigment, then do the same to the other brow. My job is to keep you pain free. If you feel anything, please let me know immediately.


Why are my eyebrows darker than I thought they'd be, after initial procedure ?  

Your brows are healing and scabbing over the Microbladed strokes. Combine pigment, lymph and a little blood and it will appear darker. As your brows continue to heal, you will notice they may 'disappear'. DO NOT BE ALARMED. This is normal for everyone. The skin is healing over the 'wound' where the pigment is implanted into the dermal layer. As the healing continues, the skin will naturally exfoliate and reveal your hair strokes, when the scab comes off by itself. DO NOT PICK. This blooms the pigment to show the strokes more noticeable as the healing continues until your 8 week  Mandatory Touch Up.

My eyebrows are flaking off and are itchy. Is that normal ?

Frequently, healing occurs in this way after Microblading eyebrows. When your brows itch, TAP, TAP, TAP  lightly on top of forehead, above the brows with CLEAN  fingertips. DO NOT PICK. (That will pull out the pigment and could create scarring and brow hair loss.) Healing is occuring. Your skin is reacting as it would to any wound.  Just as you wouldn't pick off any scab in case of scarring, why would you do that on your FACE???

Why do I need to have a Touch Up after my initial Microblade or other Permanent Makeup procedures ? This is a strongly suggested requirement after ANY initial procedure - 8 weeks from initial Microblade or PMU service. Your strokes will need to be enhanced - added to. Your pigment color may need to be adjusted (healing tends to lighten initial Microblade strokes). Various factors, based upon skin type, texture, undertones, make your 1st Touch Up necessary. Until pigments are healed, there's no way of knowing if your service has the best, Brows Inktm result. Without your 1st Touch Up, your permanent makeup procedures are just not finished. Would you walk around with your hair only half colored? No way !


Why do I have to pay for my initial Touch Up ? and subsequent Touch Ups ?

Without your 1st Touch Up your procedure is unfinished.  Would you go to the dentist for a crown and once set in place, not let them adjust your bite? At your procedure we will book your 1st Touch Up 8 weeks later.  Please read Brows Inktm  Payment and Cancellation Policies.

Any subsequent Touch Ups are determined by your pigment retention due to your skin type, texture, lifestyle, exfoliations and exercising.  If you want to maintain your Brows Inktm, on-going Touch Ups will provide the optimum Brows Inktm results.


How come the procedures take almost 3 hours ?

When you arrive for your Brows Inktm Microblading or Permanent Makeup procedure we conduct: your consultation, filling out & review of intake forms, before pictures, pigment selection, procedure design and numbing. And that's before I begin your procedure.

We collabratively design your eyebrows - the way YOU like them (we don't want you to have a shape that you don't like, or a 'cookie-cutter' shape - designed the same for everyone).  If you have a full lip permanent makeup procedure, we work together for your personalized designed lips. PLEASE NOTE:  Brows Inktm conducts the same  process whether for eyeliner, areolas, and scalps. I work really hard for your best outcome ! 


What is aftercare ?

Your aftercare will be discussed at the end of your procedure.  If you want LASTING results, you WILL need to follow aftercare instructions, EXACTLY.  I know what you have done (or not done) by looking at your brows. NO PICKING EVER. I will know. You're paying for a high quality permanent makeup procedure. Why wouldn't you do everything possible to get beautiful results?​


How do I know how to apply my aftercare ? And for how long ?

You will receive your printed aftercare instructions, along with an aftercare product specific to your procedure: brows, eye liner, lips, areolas, scalps.  The first 7 days are important to immediate healing and care.  I will discuss at end of procedure and you can always text me for any and all questions.  NO PICKING PLEASE. TAP on your forehead, above brow area with clean fingertips ONLY.

How many Touch Ups do I need to do to maintain my microblade brows ?

After your mandatory 1st Touch Up 8 weeks after your initial procedure, you MAY be able to go upwards of 2 years before needing another Touch Up. Many variables determine your holding pigment: skin type, skin texture, oily, dry, combo, cleansing, exfoliation, retinaol-A and hylauronic acid products, working out, suntanning, chlorine, salt water and other factors of illness will affect how long your pigment remains before additional Touch Ups. 


What are 'Brows Inktm Machine Stroke Browstm ?

BrowsI nktm Machine Stroke Browstm are created using a digital machine with a pen-like tool that hold the various permanent makeup needles with a power source. These pens use needle cartridges to accept pigment and or removal solutions. And are used to create cosmetic tattoo eyebrows, eye liners, lips, areolas, scalps, microneedling treatments and cosmetic tattoo removal. Brows Inktm Machine Stroke Brows tm creates the look of fine hair strokes on your brows (similar to microblading).  

Why would you determine a 'powder' brow for me ?

If you have brow hair or don't, and want your 'brows to wow' then an opaque powder brow may be the permanent makeup choice I recommend for you. With soft, filled-in color that is layered into your exisiting cleaned-up brows there isn't another choice. If you have very oily skin, enlarged pores, sweat excessively then I would highly suggest this type of Brows Inktm. Ombre brows, combo brows with Microblade and Shade techniques are done with powder brow knowledge.


Does a Lip Liner match my lip color? Why would I need that ?  

A lip liner that is close to your own lip color looks absolutely lovely if you only want a lip liner. Many people prefer lip liner to enhance their vermillion line (top lip line) which gives the illusion of fuller lips on top. Maybe you have a scar on your lip that interrupts the integrity of your lip line - a lip liner will fill that it. Or you feel your lips are 'crooked' well I can create more symmetry !


When would a Lip Liner and Full Lip be beneficial?

When you want the look of lipstick without the constant re-applying of it, or the taste and stickiness associated with lipstick then a Brows.Inktm Lip procedure is your best bet.  The lip liner can either match the lip fill-in color or can be a slight complimentary shade for the liner.  We work collaborately for the best color since you will lose about 50% of the initial lip cosmetic tattoo color as it heals out.  This is normal.

When would I need an eyeliner?

If you have a hard time drawing your eyeliner with a smooth line and  your liners are wavy, crooked or unmatched, then you need a Brows.Inktm Permanent Makeup Eye Liner. If your eyesight isn't as good as it was, you need Brows.Ink tm  eyeliner and eyebrows so your life gets better and easier !

I'm a Transgender female and want your services to add to my feminization protocal, Do you do work for transgender community?

I LOVE  the Transgender community  and am supportive of the transgender community with Brows.Inktm procedures.

Brows.Inktm participates in providing procedures in real time during the weekend ! So grateful to be a partner of the community.


Am I a candidate for permanent makeup if I'm breast feeding, pregnant, under chemotherapy, radiation or other auto immune treatements?

Not until you are finished with your medical treatments and provide Brows Inktm with a doctor's note, will we do your procedures. We take your health very seriously. Our contraindication medical intake forms help us know what you are dealing with so we can determine if we can even perform your procedures. (Yes, we do turn people away for their medical good.) 

Because pigment implanted into your dermal layer under your skin, we are cautious and do not perform any procedures until you are finished with nursing and your pregnancy. We prefer to err on the side of caution - for you, your baby and your health.

How do I know you will be around for the 'long haul' to take care of my permanent makeup needs?

I LOVE my career and plan on doing this work for a very long time !


Please Call: 978-870-3271 with Any Questions or Concerns.