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Become a Model

Become a Microblade or PMU Model !  Great opportunity to get your brows microbladed or receive a Permanent Cosmetic service at a reduced price and assist our students learn the Brows Ink Academytm Microblade Method tm or the Fundamental PMU Methodtm. Completely supervised by Donna Witt Henderson, Owner/Artist/Training Director.  Brows Ink Academy is Massachusetts 1st State Licensed Academy. Brows Ink Studio was the first Microblading & Cosmetic Tattoo Studio to be licensed by the Leominster Board of Health in Leominster, MA


Our small class size provides supervision for students and models alike.  Constant monitoring provides you peace of mind. We provide you a $395.00 intial procedure for ONLY $150.00 !!! Come back for your Touch Up performed by Donna - ONLY $150.00.  Total: $300. 


Understand that not everyone can be a model.

  •  No previous Permanent Makeup tattoo. 

  • No blood thinner medication.

  • Not pregnant or nursing.

  • Not undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments-must wait 6 months after treatments completed.

  • Not taking methadone or suboxene (as of 1/1/2019).

  • No friends or children may be at school or studio.

  • No one under 18 years, whether model or client.


COMPLETE SUPERVISION:  Donna is meticulous in training her students PRIOR to their working on a live model. When your initial procedure is being done, Donna guides her students in every aspect of sanitation, medical contraindications, in-take forms, brow mapping design, numbing, pigment selection and procedure, step by step.  The time involved runs about 4 hours for initial procedure done by student.

BROWSTROXt: Students are trained in, and practice Donna' proprietary Brow Strox Methodtm We 'triple' check your brow mapping and have you 'approve and sign off' on your design and pigment choice.  Your Microblade or PMU strokes will be placed inside the brow design outline.  We work collaboratively with you - to produce the results that you want to see as a finished brow.

CLASS DATE SCHEDULE:   Check our class dates for our PMU & Microblading classes here.

TOUCH UP:  In Class Models may have done by Donna $150.00 Payment due prior to appointment. Cash or Credit Card.

COST OF PROCEDURE WITH STUDENT:  Initial Supervised Procedure: $150.00 Payment due when you're booked, prior to class. If you cancel outside of 24 hours you will NOT receive your deposit back. And not be a model. This is Brows Ink's policy.


BOOKING YOUR APPOINTMENT: Call to book your appointment based on the Class Date Schedule provided to you.

FORM FOR MODEL CONSIDERATION: Please click this link to fill out Brows Ink Academy Model Form to be considered as our model. 

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